Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Living Lazy

BRAG day 3. Today's rides were loops around Newnan, strangely called "zombie loops" on the map and cue sheets. Go figure. They did film The Walking Dead here in the Newnan area so maybe that's what they're talking about. Pedaling past the locations of the shoots. There was a century loop, a metric loop, and a 38 mile loop.

We didn't paying attention to the BRAG schedule. For us, this was a rest day. We did an easy recovery ride of 20.8 miles with just 685 feet of climbing. We meandered through Newnan, past BRAG HQ (with it's party music blaring), and wandered down a rural road or two enjoying the wildflowers and random, quirky rural tableaus. We weren't the only riders doing this. We passed a guy who had added a trailer to his road bike, a bike trailer with two adorable preschool girls inside. They were smiling and waving to everyone, definitely enjoying this outing with their cycling father. And then there were the two guys riding their bikes at a leisurely pace followed by a SUV with two women and a bunch of kids, a full bike rack of kiddie bikes on the back of the SUV.

Back at HQ, there are all manner of activities going on. YOGA, games, get togethers, and all the usual party fare. We favor the quiet life. Today is rest day.

Another nap sounds good.
Summer means daylilies.
These lined the roads in the hundreds. 
Elegant Queen Anne's Lace