Monday, June 1, 2015

Urban Living: May

At the beginning of May we started using the bikes for errands. The first week we dabbled. Short runs out for coffee. Quick errands to a local bike shop or things like that. We found we liked it.

By the end of May our range for meals, coffee, and errands expanded to 5 to 10 miles from home (round trip 10 to 20 miles.) We don't rush. Our speed is maybe 10 to 14 mph. At that speed, traffic is not a particular problem. If a car seems in a hurry, we pull over and wave him by.

The only problem I had was actually an opportunity. I needed a way to carry things I bought on these errands a bit more stylishly than in a basic drawstring backpack. An opportunity to shop for a new purse! (Okay, I admit Al thinks a drawstring backpack is just fine. Poor thing.)

Is that great or what?