Thursday, June 11, 2015

Who Wants to Jump in the Lake?

Day 4 of BRAG. The route went south from Newnan to LaGrange. It had a curious beginning and a interesting end.

People have different ways to add miles to the basic route. Some ride extra miles before and after. Some make U-turns while on the route and ride segments more than once. BRAG adds optional "Hammerhead" routes that branch from the basic route and return to the route. Today there was a confluence of all these in the first quarter of the ride. It made for an odd visual. Riders were heading in both directions on the road in places.

We were wearing our Everglades Bicycle Club orange retro jerseys. There was one other EBC member at BRAG, Bill Detzner, but we hadn't spotted him up to now. Today with the loopy beginning it seemed like a good time to see him. And we did! We were heading down the road in one direction when we saw Bill waving as he was pedaling down the road in the other direction. He was wearing the orange EBC jersey, too.

Near the end of the ride there was a treat. The last rest stop was just 5 miles from the end point at LaGrange College. We rolled into Yellow Jacket Creek Recreation Area and pedaled back to the beach. There was the usual snacks, water, and sports drink. But there was also the beach. Riders took off their helmets and gloves, emptied their jersey pockets, slipped off their shoe---and jumped into the water for a quick cool-down swim! We resisted the urge to join them. But we chatted with some of our wet companions as they got themselves together for the last few miles. Can we say, "Squishy padded bike shorts?" But nobody cared. Everybody was refreshed and happy.

We ended the day with 61.3 miles and 2280 feet of climbing. Just about right for two flatlanders from Miami.
An old theater re-purposed as Hogansville City Hall

Gorgeous park in the center of downtown LaGrange