Monday, September 14, 2015

Cape San Blas

Today we headed south, pedaling down highway 98, the scenic coastal highway, turning south down county road 30. Our destination was St. Joseph Peninsula State Park at the tip of Cape San Blas in neighboring Gulf County.

The ride would have been a snap on a road bike. But we were on our slow bikes so we were working a bit. This route was not as dramatically beautiful a ride as the ride out to St. George Island and the state park there. The highways skirted the huge St. Vincent 14 Mile wildlife refuge. And St. Joseph Peninsula State Park has awesome marshes, white sugar sand beaches, and a little marina with a colorful kayak rental.

Pedaling back to our hotel was "interesting". The wind had picked up considerably, and it was a headwind. Luckily, there were plenty of spots where photos just had to be taken so we had an abundance of little breaks all the way home!
Miles: 64.1