Sunday, September 13, 2015

St. George Island

Today we had a really fun ride. We pedaled north from Apalachicola across the river to Eastpoint, then took highway 300 over the long, long bridge to St. George Island.
Once on the island, we turned north at the lighthouse.
Then we just headed north until we came to the state park.
We rode into the park, following the park road. The road was empty. The scenery beautiful.

The paved park road ended at the last beach facilities and a parking lot. Our mileage at that point was 24 miles.
That's where the pavement ends. The road beyond the gate was hard pack sand with muddy low spots. Some areas were dry, but you had to watch out for areas of soft sand.
We made it to the end of the trail. We had our snack there then turned around and rode back.
We just retraced our route to get home. Leaving St. George Island we got to ride one more time on that great long, long bridge to the mainland.
We got home in time to clean up, dress up, and go out for a great creole brunch.

Pavement miles: 48. Off-road miles: 9.