Sunday, June 17, 2012

Beat the Heat Ride 2

We had coffee before dawn while we walked the cat. The wind was already blowing from the northeast. The lake would be choppy. Not to mention that every family that owned a boat would be out playing in it on Father's Day. The lake being worthless for water skiing, we are off biking.

The neighborhood was quiet at dawn. Our 94 year old neighbor chugged down the road on his brisk morning walk. A dog walker strained to contain a rottweiler, a lab, a chihuahua, and a dachshund. Only the dachshund snapped and barked and struggled to chase us, straining frantically on his leash and earning a laugh from us and the dog walker.

The dewpoint is in the mid 60s making our ride quite comfortable for summer. There are supposed to be clouds by midday, but right now there is nothing but blue sky from horizon to horizon.

Couldn't ask for a better day for a ride!