Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Big, Big Yard Birds

The heat index is in the low 70s. But it is only in the high 70s temperature-wise. So it may be humid, but it's not a hot and humid morning. There are few clouds when we head out, but the clouds will build steadily. More rain should come this afternoon.

Al wasn't in the mood for me dilly-dallying with my camera. He set a fast pace from the start, and I was fairly certain he would leave me by the side of the road if I dawdled. So I didn't. We got some stares from the early morning exercise walkers as we sped down the main road of our community, down low on the drops and in perfect cadence with each other. We were home in record time.

In our last mile we came upon a bunch of sand hill cranes that have taken to hanging out in our immediate neighborhood. I love sand hill cranes. They are ridiculous birds that announce their presence with very, very loud unmelodious squawking. They are always with their mate and, at this time of year, there are also one or two   of their current brood, now almost grown, with them. These are to the bird world what teenagers are to many families. Loved despite being outrageously loud and awkward.

On its knees on a lawn.
One legged pose.
A pair settled down on a lawn.

Once home a check of the kitchen showed us to be down to a handful of nuts and berries. Time to head into town to hunt and gather at the local grocery store.