Sunday, June 3, 2012

Foggy Sunday Ride

Foggy start for the day.
We left the house early. A morning fog cocooned the area, the wind too gentle yet to blow it away.

Counting rabbits.
For some reason, rabbits were everywhere. Al began giving me number-of-rabbits hand signals as we pedalled along.

Someone out for a long walk with their dog.
As the fog began to dissipate, we came upon someone out for a long morning walk with their dog. It was a little dog with stumpy little legs and we wondered how many miles the dog could walk. (Quite a number it seemed...)

This guy is out every day.
When the fog finally lifted, we came across someone we see most days, an older man out on a very brisk walk. He told us once that he took up walking years ago after he had triple bypass heart surgery.

Convenient turn arounds.
A long stretch of "parkway" connects our little community with a local east-west highway. It has turn arounds every quarter mile, convenient when you want to add a few miles to your route or just spot something you want to look at more closely. (Today it was three deer.)