Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Home Sweet Home - Miami!

We've been talking about moving to Miami for ages. We used to live in a high rise in a city, but we've lived in small towns in rural areas for the past 17 years. We spent those years water skiing and biking. Recently, however, we began to miss urban life. We found ourselves craving the diversity of urban life, the mix of ages, nationalities, races, languages, and religions that permeates urban living. It is challenging and sometimes frustrating, but it is never dull or boring. And we missed the conveniences and cultural opportunities of urban living: high rise homes; buses, trolleys, light rail, and taxis; galleries; live theater; coffee shops; city parks; concerts; and walking or biking to most places you need to go.

We knew it was time for a change.

This week we did it. We went home shopping in Miami. And we found what we wanted. Our stable of bicycles is moving to a new home. In a high rise. The East Coast Greenway route through Miami is just outside our building's front door. (That simplifies tour planning!) It's close to the Rickenbacker Causeway and Key Biscayne, a great route to ride a road bike. It's a few minutes by bicycle to a cafecito (best bike fuel on the planet) from an open-air coffee counter on Calle Ocho.

Right now it's looking like we'll move there in March. So we have a couple of months to ride through the scrub and say goodbye to all our favorite biking routes. Come March we'll pack our bags, say goodbye to the lake, and move our bikes and suitcases to Miami.

Home sweet home. MIAMI!