Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'll try to be nicer if you'll try to be smarter...

December to-do lists when combined with a big project to-do list is guaranteed to drive you over the edge. It definitely makes it hard to get through the day without the conversation turning to handguns, knives, and other weapons of mayhem.

Today, on top of everything else, it was going to rain. We bickered about whether we had time for a ride or if we could handle getting wet in the rain. Agreeing that the most important thing was to get out and burn up some excess energy, we headed out for a short but fast ride. Al's hamster wheel short route, AKA the 20 mile time trial. He set up a fast pace. The mirror riding (same gear, same cadence) is coming along splendidly. I had no problem keeping up with him for the first half of the ride. (Note to self: do not brag during a ride that you aren't having that much trouble keeping up.) Al needed to burn off some energy...and that meant he notched it up near the end of the ride. I tried to match him, but he was going to drop me for sure. He disappeared into the distance. No worries. I knew he'd wait up for me a mile or so ahead, and we'd ride home together from that point.

It was a great ride. One of our fastest. And it really mellowed out the to-do list craziness.