Monday, March 18, 2013

Jiminy Cricket, Go Away...

It's sunny and 80 degrees outside. I want to go biking. But my Jiminy Cricket mental voice is insisting that work is the priority. We are heading into the final to-do lists for the new place. Get them done, and Al and I can bike every day. Get lazy now and this process could drag on, and on, and on. OK, I guess being semi-responsible won't be too painful.

Today we're doing all the ordering and buying for the new closets. Our place is a small loft condo. The place had one clothes closet, an awkward small one. Since it was a few steps from the family room/kitchen area, we turned that closet into a spacious pantry. There was an alcove area adjacent to the entry that was designed as a living or dining area that we wanted to use for closet space. We didn't want to put up walls to get the big clothes closet and bike gear closet we wanted. Wardrobe-size cabinets seemed like a better solution. 8-foot tall wardrobes, which would fit nicely with our high ceilings. Big wardrobes packed with drawers, shelves, and things to hang stuff on. So we headed out, driving out of downtown Miami and out to the burbs where our cabinet people were located. 7.5 hours later, all the decisions had been made, and the date for installation set. We got home very tuckered out but happy. By Easter we will have closets!

It's spring break. Miami is stuffed to the brim with college students working very, very hard at being cool and having a good time. On the nice side, the Ultra Music Festival was going full blast this past weekend in nearby Bayfront Park. I'm a huge fan of electronic music. However, tickets are expensive, the crowds immense, and the audience way, way, too young for us. Luckily, the music is LOUD. A pleasant stroll downtown let us enjoy the music at a volume we could handle without permanent hearing loss. My only regret was not being able to hear Swedish House Mafia do their final live performance as a group. Their performance, alas, was past our bedtime...

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