Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The MacArthur Causeway Adventure

We headed out on today's morning ride. I said, "Hey, let's bike over to Miami Beach. I want to check out the new H&M there." Al suggested we take the southern causeway, the MacArthur. It's a six lane causeway linking downtown Miami with South Beach (which is on a barrier island) via Biscayne Bay.

The good part: the views of Port of Miami and the big cruise ships are a lot of fun. The bad part: Construction made parts of the ride suicidal. I'm talking white knuckle riding. And I've ridden some wicked stretches of highway on some of our tours.

The amusing part was that the traffic gurus had made a classic amusement ride pattern. Easy, smooth, happy cycling stretches...that dumped you into fast moving traffic with no (repeat NO) shoulder. Then suddenly you went back into a section with a narrow shoulder...but it was drizzled with thick, uneven splotches and bands of lumpy concrete. Our mountain bikes were right at home in this stuff...and in the construction zone we rode through to get to a bike path off the causeway.

Summary of the ride: not many miles, lots of adrenalin moments, beautiful views of boats and cruise ships and the Miami skyline.

I never did get to H&M. Maybe tomorrow. But via a different causeway!
When it was good, it was very nice!

The views of the Port of Miami are great, too.