Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Rickenbacker Ramble

Jiminy Cricket (AKA Al) said I was ready for a ramble on the Rickenbacker. I've been dedicated these past weeks to my rehab work. I positively glowed with satisfaction to know I was ready to pedal up a hill...
Our ramble was all about going over the bridge to Virginia Key.

We took surface streets and the M-Path down to SW 26th and the turn toward the Rickenbacker. The M-Path is all tree roots and dog walkers near the Roads. (Often dog walkers wearing earphones, attention focused on their music or cellphone conversation.) The adjoining surface street trumps this section of the path any day.

The route down the causeway gave us playtime in the wind. We had a cross wind to and over the bridge to Virginia Key and a headwind farther along the causeway. Once on Key Biscayne, the trees along the route pretty much negated the wind. Playtime done, we opted for a stop for coffee and chocolate chunk cookies. Then it was back on the bikes for the ride home.

Al (Jiminy) stayed in the front during the whole ride. Roadies flew by, but he firmly kept the ramble pace. He made it quite clear that we would not be playing catch-and-release-the-roadies games. But all and all, it was an excellent ride. Jiminy is increasing the mileage each day, with plans to have us back up to a more normal ride length in a week or two. I'm matching his speed, but using a higher cadence for now. When we get back to a normal length ride, I'll start mirroring his riding for part of the ride and work back up to mirroring it the whole ride.

I intend to talk Al into the Rickenbacker for our rides for a week or two. I positively love the view of Miami from the top of the bridge to Virginia Key. The view will be a decent temporary substitute for chasing roadies.
The Miami skyline from the bridge to Virginia Key.