Saturday, April 13, 2013

Stationary Bike Limbo

Bob Dylan once said that being on tour was like being in limbo: going from nowhere to nowhere. Exactly my opinion of riding a stationary bicycle or a regular bike on a trainer. 

I can't ride my own bike right now. I have plans to do a Keys bike tour as soon as I can ride again. And a bike trip is definitely not a fun activity if you aren't in shape for it. Which means I have to stay reasonably fit for riding while I'm mending. The solution (sigh) involves riding a stationary bicycle at the gym.

The good news is that our condo's gym is really nice. It has a panoramic view of the Miami River and downtown Miami which gives "going to the gym" a whole new dimension for me. The gym has the usual stationary bikes I was familiar with from spin classes. But it also has two recumbent models. Now I've never ridden a recumbent bike. Using the recumbent seemed like a good choice as I wouldn't constantly compare it to the fit and feel of my regular bikes.

Last weekend I hopped on the recumbent and began pedaling. The bike's display screen came alive. You can program your ride! Neat.

I'm enjoying the hill interval, random, and cardiovascular programs. I stay focused about as long as it takes to establish my cadence then I zone out watching the boats moving down the Miami River and traffic crossing over a nearby bridge. I'm also becoming enamoured with a morning show on one of the Spanish networks. I don't understand a word of it, but the antics of the cast and crew are endlessly entertaining.

And so for a few more weeks I will be pedaling in place rapidly and energetically, going from nowhere to nowhere. Maybe I'll listen to some vintage Dylan albums as I pedal. Highway 61 Revisited might be nice...