Sunday, April 21, 2013

Great Sunday Ramble

It's been a while since I rolled my bike down the hallway to the elevators. The elevator music was salsa. Perfect. If you don't dance to salsa in an elevator, you're deaf or dead. (We were dancing when the doors opened at the lobby...)

Today would be a gentle ramble. Al and I planned to ride long enough for me to check out how all the body parts were working. He would be my Jiminy Cricket, my conscience to keep me from overdoing it.

The M-Path
The initial mount of the bike was a little stiff, but the first stop at the corner went smoothly enough. We decided to take surface streets and the M-Path towards Vizcaya. Rolling slowly along, we came to the Vizcaya Metrorail Station overpass of US 1. I love this overpass which ramps through the tops of a stand of  large oaks. Swinging onto SE 32nd Road we enjoyed the quiet residential neighborhood. Lots of road bikes rolled by on their way to the Rickenbacker. This road is a lined with mansions on the Biscayne Bay side of the road. I keep changing my mind on which will be our next mansion, but the elaborate entrance gate of one caught my attention today.
My next mansion...

A short way along, we stopped at Wainwright Park. Ladies were pumping up balloons in preparation for a party at one gazebo. The basketball court was busy. The item of interest today were the boxers working out among the swing sets. We pedaled over to the edge of the bay for a brief look at the boats before leaving and heading home.

A boat on Biscayne Bay at Wainwright Park
Mile-wise this was barely 10 miles of pedaling. Happiness-wise it was huge. Everything is great. My Jiminy Cricket will keep me on rambles this week. But rambles are OK. I'm out on my bike again.