Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hanging Out With Tourists: People Taking Pictures of People Taking Pictures

Hanging out with tourists and taking pictures...
I can't gripe anymore about having nothing interesting to do on short rambles. Traffic is scarce in downtown Miami on weekends. (Note: "scarce" is not synonymous with "absent".) We took advantage of the light traffic and made a circuitous ramble through the downtown and near downtown areas, ending up among the tourists at Bayside Park. Bayside is a park adjacent to marinas, a semi-outdoor shopping mall, and American Airlines Arena, home of the Miami Heat basketball team. We wandered and watched the people. People were gathered in one area around a stage with a woman singing. People were dancing in front of the stage. The singer queried the crowd about where they were from. "Brazil!" they shouted. The singing and dancing continued as we strolled on.

The galleon at Bayside Park.
We picked up some coffee and cookies and took them out to the seawall, where we sat, sipped, and munched. Behind us the big red double-decker tourist buses filled and drove off. A short distance away, people posed for pictures in front of the resident galleon. Boats cruised by many topped with the inevitable young women and men, carefully posing themselves, others crammed with tourists snapping pictures.

We enjoyed the sunshine, then headed home, another pleasant Sunday ramble complete.