Sunday, February 21, 2016

Apalachicola (Twice is Nice)

Most of our travel plans are made through consensus. While sometimes we both agree, often one of us wants to go somewhere more than the other guy does.

But two trips a year are different. In September Al picks a destination, and in February I pick a destination. No arguments or discussion required. This year we had a travel first: we both picked the same place. Apalachicola, Florida.

Apalachicola is a small town with a population of only a few thousand. It is the county seat of Franklin County, one of the least populated counties in Florida. It's neighbors Gulf, Wakulla, and Liberty Counties are sparsely populated, too. Large portions of the region are protected natural areas.

In September we took our all-purpose slow bikes (mountain bikes with 1.5 inch street tires). That let us ride pretty much anywhere: highways, trails, pavement, gravel, hard-packed sand, mucky wet sand, you name it. But those bikes, being slow, kept ride distance to a maximum of 50-60 miles a day. (We like our bike rides to be wrapped up by lunchtime.)

This trip we have our road bikes. We're sticking to pavement and taking longer rides. The coastal highways. The highways leading inland. Visits to tiny towns with interesting names. Sumatra. Dalkeith. Sopchoppy.

Who could ask for anything more?