Monday, February 15, 2016

If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. (Jack Benny)

In a few days, we will once again be checking into a quaint "Old Florida" motel. But this trip there is a twist. This quaint motel has chosen to go without in-room WiFi. Talk about old school. Even Motel 6 has in-room WiFi.

This isn't a backwoods motel. The place has everything we want other than that. A perfect location on the river, in the center of town, surrounded by shops, great restaurants, and galleries. Rustic charm. Nicely furnished private balconies with fabulous river views. A noteworthy restaurant that, among other things, has the best oyster omelets in the state.

But no in-room WiFi.

Now they aren't total barbarians. If you'll drag your stuff down to their central sitting area, you can enjoy WiFi. Just not in your jammies in your room.

Friends have described this as the perfect opportunity to relax without the beeps and bells of notifications and all the other interruptions of the connected life. After all, one of the reasons I love this area is because the cell phone coverage is so inadequate. (The phone doesn't ring. No messages. Nada.)

Just miles and miles of quiet roads for long rides every day. Comfy chairs for reading on the balcony. Galleries to wander through. Dinners on the river. And those oyster omelets.

OK. In just two years in Miami I have grown soft. I'm taking a few days to edit my travel gear so I can survive without constant WiFi.

I'll just pretend it's 1995.