Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless. (Bill Watterson)

If you own a bicycle and enjoy riding it, on any weekend morning there is a good chance that you are out pedaling before most of your friends have considered getting out of bed.

You know all the good coffee places along your favorite bike routes. You are probably having coffee at one of them while your friends are still padding around at home in pajamas.

Or you have gone someplace in the middle of nowhere, spending money for a room in an ancient motel (the only one nearby), just to ride a route you heard about from someone...someone who also rides a bicycle.

This weekend we took an 80 mile ride on Saturday, stopping for coffee around the half-way point, then taking a route home we had not been on since last summer. Sunday we took a gravel ride out in the Everglades with Everglade Bicycle Club friends. It was a short 20-mile ride that rattled the bones, an entertaining change from riding on pavement.

We've gotten over the need to explain our bike ride addiction.

Our favorite question we get from people (even some bicycle people): Why are you doing that?

Answer: Why not?