Friday, February 26, 2016

We Saw The Monkey!!

We got updates on the latest sightings of wild monkeys from our new forestry service friends when we saw them each day at breakfast. Most sightings were in Eastpoint, the town just across the bay from Apalachicola. The monkeys were roaming the area near where we ride, just not at the time we've been there.

Today we were pedaling home through Eastpoint when suddenly Al whooped, "There one is! I saw a monkey!" The monkey had run across the road right in front of us. It is official: we saw the monkey! No picture, though. I wasn't fast enough.

We've had an interesting week of riding. The weather has been wild.

We started with warm, sunny days. We made good use of them for some fun rides.
Downtown Carrabelle.
The scenic coastal highway.

Then we had some fog.

Then it turned cold and windy! We bundled up and pedaled.

Even when it is cold, this is a beautiful area for biking.

But best of all, we saw the monkey!