Monday, May 27, 2013

A Very Windy Memorial Day

We watched the wind in the palm trees as we sipped coffee at breakfast on the balcony. The wind was from the east. The Powell Bridge to Virginia Key would be interesting in this wind. We were out the door heading to the elevators with our bikes after a quick run of morning chores.

I wanted to see the crowds gathering at the beaches, and I wanted a quiet ride through the old Miami zoo, now a protected garden area in Crandon Park. Crossing Powell Bridge into the strong headwind was (gasp...gasp...gasp) a challenge. As we neared the top of the bridge, the pedaling got a little easier. But we had to keep pedaling hard to go downhill. No coasting today.

We rode to the Cape Florida State Park lighthouse for our banana break. Our next break would be the old zoo and the Crandon beaches. The old zoo is kept as an area of botanical gardens. Peacocks, Egyptian geese, ducks, and a variety of other creatures roam free. It's paths wander among ponds and creeks.
Egyptian Goose
The beaches were filling fast. It was breakfast time for most people, but family groups were claiming their tables and beach spots, and grills were firing up. A steady stream of cars was streaming into the vast parking lots.
A windy early Memorial Day morning at one of the beaches.
And the final trip over Powell Bridge with the wind at our backs was pure fun.