Friday, May 31, 2013

"If the world were perfect, it wouldn't be." (Yogi Berra)

Another month, another car use report. Our dramatic change in car use since our move to Miami continues. A high-density urban area with public transportation is very livable. We aren't homebodies. We spend our time out and about. We go to stores. We run about town. We do errands and see people. We eat out. We just don't need to use the car.
  • Month:  May
  • Number of Times the Car Left the Garage: 3
  • Total Miles: 154
Just three car trips in 31 days. We racked up 154 miles of car use, of which almost all were used in one trip to the upper Florida Keys. The other two trips were to and from local bike shops!

How does everything get done without using the car? The big three: walking, biking, using public transportation.

A few years back I bought a bright yellow nylon backpack with padded straps. It was on a clearance rack at the beginning of the school year. I fell in love with the color. It languished in the back of my closet until we moved to Miami. Now I use it most days.

And, funny as it seems, it looks good with every outfit in my closet. (Except maybe the little black cocktail dress...)