Thursday, May 30, 2013

We have deep depth. (Yogi Berra)

We sipped our coffee on the balcony in the dark before dawn, planning our day's schedule, and bitching about the crummy weather. Not that we should complain. Miami's weather is hands down better than the severe thunderstorms in the Midwest. But we were heading out for our last ride of May, and the wind was gusting and more rain was possible.

We headed out, dodging the rush hour traffic. We rode about 10 miles meandering through pleasant residential neighborhoods. Eventually we turned south to Coconut Grove. I had dreams of an espresso, but Al was determined keep us on the bikes and moving. We ducked into the traffic lanes along the marinas to check the wind. A quick look convinced us that we didn't want to ride out the Rickenbacker Causeway. We'd finish today's miles doing loops on South Miami Boulevard. Just to add a bit of drama to the morning's ride, I got a flat as we passed Vizcaya, and the bike pump, like most small bike pumps, acted twitchy. But the flat got fixed, the loops of South Miami Boulevard got finished, and our last bike ride of the month was eventually logged in.

We did a little happy dance.

Our May mileage was a new personal best. The most bike miles in a single month. (That does not include months with bike tours, since bike tours and high mileages go together. Duh.)  And we did it in Miami.