Thursday, May 9, 2013

Alabama Jack's

We'd done a week of daily rides. We got to our target mileage. It was time to take a rest day.

Our car gathering dust in our building's parking garage.
Last month the car was only used to visit doctors and medical facilities. This month it has sat idle so far, just gathering dust in the garage. We were drooling for a nice lunch out. A lunch of conch fitters with a squeeze of fresh lime slice and red cocktail sauce. For that there is only one place to go. The best conch fritters in the upper Keys are at Alabama Jack's, a fish joint on Card Sound Road just north of Key Largo. We decided to drive down there for lunch. While we were near Key Largo, we could visit two hotels and decide which we wanted to use as our Key Largo overnight stop for bike trips.

Key Largo is about a metric century (62 miles) from our Miami home. To get there, we roll our bikes out of our building and get on the East Coast Greenway route heading south. This is one of the really neat things about our home: it is actually right on the East Coast Greenway route through Miami. I wanted to go there by bike for an overnight this week or next, but Jiminy Cricket (AKA Al) says no touring (not even one this short) until at least a full 10 weeks have passed since the Incredibly Stupid Bike Crash Incident. That means it'll be a couple of weeks more.

Today I'll settle for a car ride and conch fritters at Alabama Jack's...

Alabama Jack's is part biker bar, part old school fish house.

The restaurant and bar are on the covered deck next to the water. No screening or glass. The birds fly right through the place. You can throw crumbs from your plate to the fish in the water below, then watch them snap them up.