Friday, May 10, 2013

The Tour de Puddles

We drank our pre-dawn coffee on our balcony watching rain and flashing lighting. The cat was annoyed because the rain had wet the edge of the balcony where she likes to sit, sticking her head through spaces in the guardrails to check out the balconies above and below. By the time we finished breakfast the rain had stopped. By the time it was fully light, the sky was clearing.

We rolled our bikes to the elevator around 7:45 for our daily ride. It was going to be a Lazy Loop day. We seldom eat fried foods, so yesterday's conch fritters were still with us. (Burp.) A long hard ride in today's high humidity following the morning thunderstorm...well, that was just not going to happen...

Even a lazy ride felt good. We did do the bridge at our usual pace. Climbing is just too much fun to pass up, even when you're belching fritters and fries.

Most of the ride I was laughing at Al's hand gestures, warning me at the approach to every significant puddle and splash zone. When we come back from rides on days like this, his bike is shiny and clean. Mine? Well, it needs a serious wash up. He has great expectations that I may, just may, improve and be neater given enough coaching...

At the park, an immature brown pelican shared our cozy fishing dock, eyeing us speculatively as we munched our bananas.