Thursday, July 4, 2013

Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused.

Who doesn't like the 4th of July? Picnic food. Fireworks. The Tour de France.

The biggest joy of the 4th for us is the blessed absence of workmen in the Miami Mansion. We've been sharing our 600 square feet of living space with a passel of strangers wielding power tools for days and days now. This morning the place is quiet. Better than that, only one alcove of the Mansion is piled high with boxes and gleep. Today we have our home to ourselves! Normally I'd be riding my bike on a great summer day like today. Not today. Today I plan to spend the entire day at home in this glorious quiet, lounging in ridiculously skimpy beachwear.

Every project has at least one major crisis. This project had it's crisis yesterday when one of the workmen powered up our new TV and discovered a big, big problem with it. There was no question about it. The TV had to go back. The problem was that there wasn't another one in the greater Miami area to replace it. After much wahoo-wahoo (but, amazingly, no colorful language from anyone), the new but wonky TV was carted away by a passel of guys. Tomorrow, as scheduled, all the components of our new system will get put in. With the exception of our TV. A temporary 65 inch TV will get put in until the replacement 90 inch TV can be delivered.

As project crises go, I think this is one we can deal with. The thing we're laughing about is that today will be our last day of watching a tiny 19" TV. That's just no way to watch the Tour de France...