Saturday, July 6, 2013


Wind! Playing in the wind on the bikes is top of the line entertainment. For Florida flatlanders, the wind is what we have instead of hills. Ride in the wind; have fun and get a little stronger.

The chop in the protected marina.
We were off to Black Point Marina with the Everglades Bicycle Club group. There were over 30 riders today. It was a brisk ride. The day was (duh: July in Miami) hot and humid. But the wind and the abundant canopy in the Grove and Pinecrest made for nice conditions.

Rolling back to the Grove, we joined a group that was heading for breakfast at the Green Street Cafe. After scarfing down a truly fabulous omelette, Al and I rolled off, riding around a bit to up the mileage some before heading home. The poinciana canopy over South Miami Avenue drizzled orange flowers over the road, giving the end of the ride a festive feel. As if we were following the course of a confetti parade.

BooYah! Have we nailed a great Saturday or what?