Monday, July 29, 2013

The Rainbow and Royal Poinciana Ride

We sipped coffee on our balcony before dawn. It wasn't raining, but there was a fabulous lightning storm just to our south. By dawn the storm clouds reached Miami. We sensibly delayed the start to our day's ride for an hour.

An hour later blue sky was peeking out in places. We headed out. Waiting at a stoplight I looked up. A rainbow arched above us.

Today's ride meandered through Brickell and the Roads, before heading over William Powell Bridge to Key Biscayne. The cloud cover slowly disappeared. We headed home. We rode South Miami Avenue taking in the fading beauty of the Royal Poincianas in bloom.

A few centuries ago, the first Royal Poinciana trees were brought from Madagascar to South Florida. I am told that there are now more Royal Poinciana in South Florida than in Madagascar. These tropical trees bloom flamboyantly from May through July. Perhaps the most beautiful landscape trees in Miami, they are also messy trees. Their brightly colored flower petals litter the street below their canopy. Their long brown bean pods fall into the street to become a debris field in the bike lanes until cleared away by landscaper workers and street cleaners. Beauty often has a price.

South Miami Avenue