Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rain, Rain, Stay Away

Rain to the north of our ride's start.
The tropical whatever that once was Chantel lurked in the area, making rain a definite possibility for our Saturday group ride with the Everglades Bicycling Club. Radar showed rain popping up and disappearing with regularity. We brightened when we saw that most of the activity was up in the north part of the county. There was some south of us, but chances were good that it wouldn't rain on our parade.

We were glad we went. It was a fun ride. The only rain we had was right at the end. It lasted for about a mile of the ride, and it felt refreshing after a couple hours of riding. We said goodbye to the group, went to Fresh Market for our after ride snack, then headed home.

Today we need to clean up the bikes. We also have to put everything together and in the car for tomorrow's ride. We're off to Boca Raton for the Frank Stark Ride. Boca is just 45 miles north of us. We've signed up for our favorite, the metric century.