Friday, November 23, 2012

A Ride with a Motorcycle, a Gator, and a Trainer

We really did eat the whole pumpkin pie. It was chilly and windy, but we needed to stretch our legs and move. A nice long ride in the wind sounded great. Al set a brisk pace, keeping me chasing to keep up.

While he wasn't in the mood to dilly-dally, I yelled for him to turn around and follow me into the model airplane club's field. I absolutely had to get a close up look at the motorcycle parked there. Now when you are retired, you have hours and hours to follow your passions. We run around on our bicycles. But the area is chock full of guys who restore antique cars, build aircraft, and customize motorcycles. There at the model plane club's field was a bright yellow customized tricycle motorcycle like nothing I had ever seen before. Absolutely stunning.

Front View

Rear View

Now you are probably wondering where the gator and the trainer come into this ride's narrative. Well, when we passed a small creek, there was the gator, a small one, basking on the bank in the sun. We missed the gator chomping down the jogger. All that remained was the trainer and the smile on the gator's face...