Friday, November 9, 2012

Of course I talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advice.

Good grief! An early cold front snuck into Florida. It is cold and windy. At least it is sunny. This week I got to try out my new homemade lightweight Florida winter layers.

Last year I hit the big thrift stores in search of cashmere sweaters. They are popular with crafters, but by searching during the hot weather months I was able to find a half dozen in various sizes. These sweaters were very, very popular a few years ago, and many are now turning up in thrift stores. Cashmere isn't scratchy like wool, and it washes like a dream. (Just don't send it through the dryer. Or if you do use the dryer, use the delicate setting.) A cashmere sweater makes a fabulous winter bike layer.

A long sleeved pullover sweater works great as a mid layer for cold mornings. (Cycling tank under the sweater and a long sleeve zippered bike jersey over the sweater.) Another sweater, shrunk to kiddy size by careless cleaning, got cut into fingerless mittens to cover my padded bike gloves, and it also was used to make a throat wrap for really blustery mornings. Unlike my old touring fleece gear, the cashmere gear is easy to stuff into my seat bag. After all, this is Florida. You may need this gear at the beginning of a ride, but you'll be stripping it off in an hour or two.

The new gear works beautifully!