Sunday, November 25, 2012

You're in range. Be nice to me.

We headed out on Al's favorite route. I call it Al's hamster wheel or the 30-mile time trial route. He has slowly gotten me to be a lot stronger cyclist, mostly right on this route. It is basically flat with 5 "mystery inclines," those wicked things that make you work harder when the dang road looks so deliciously flat.

Beginning this week I am mirroring his riding: same gear, same cadence. To keep up with him while mirroring his riding, I have to use more power. Which I find really, really, really tiring. But it's an easy way to approach the whole routine. When Al says he's going to ride at such-and-such cadence and such-and-such speed, you might as well be setting the numbers into a computerized machine. He heads out, and whatever he said, that's what shows up on my bike computer if I mirror him. For 30 miles...

I speed down the road. No drafting allowed. Staying 4 to 5 bike lengths behind his wheel. For a while I just think evil thoughts. Like road bikes should be equipped with short-range missiles...or at least a small caliber gun...

At long last we turn onto the street where our cool-down segment begins. We stop near the end of the street, across the canal from our house. I spot my coral-red bougainvillea blooming next to the screen room. Right next to the lounge chair where I intend to park my very tired legs and read for hours. OK, that made me feel better. Al is safe. I'm heading home to my reading chair. Life is good.

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