Sunday, November 4, 2012

O Day of Rest and Gladness

Wispy clouds of smoke fill Lake June Scrub State Park.
Sunday is the most dangerous day of the week on rural Florida roads. The only-on-church-day drivers are out and about. These are the drivers of your nightmares. They are older than dirt and the worst drivers on the planet. They have poor vision and glacial reaction times.

We found a empty route towards the south.
The first rule of Sunday morning biking here abouts is that you never, never take a road that leads to a church. Since we have a lot of churches, route planning becomes an art form. Today we had a double problem, smoke from controlled burns was drifting into our area from Lake June Scrub State Park. There are some good routes on that side of our residential area, but those were not for us today.

We headed south. We looped wide of all the roads that feed into the local churches. At about 10 miles we had left the smoke and church traffic behind. Al had a route in mind, and we headed out. It was a great success...we made it home alive!!!

The Horrible Hundred is in less than two weeks. It's one of our favorite rides of the year. The next week and a half will be our pre-HH warm up. We'll be doing long rides almost daily.

It's going to be fun.
My skilled navigator (very pleased with his success!)