Sunday, November 11, 2012

Our Transportation Fleet

We live in the boondocks. There is no public transportation system here. It's 6 miles into the tiny nearby town with the grocery store and library. It's 25 miles to the larger town where you can get most things, if you aren't too picky. It's 90 to 125 miles to many medical specialists and the type of shopping common in urban and suburban areas. Having a car is a must. (It has always amazed me that so many older seniors choose to live here. Go figure.)

Standing in our garage today, I surveyed our transportation fleet: a gas sipping little car, a 125cc scooter, and a lot of bicycles.

The road bikes, used most, are in floor stands. The mountain bikes hang on the wall. City folding bikes are in hanging in their soft cases, ready for our next visit to a large town. Folding touring bikes are hanging next to them in their soft cases, too.

Our annual gas bills for our ski boat and jet ski are way larger than the ones for our car and scooter. And the miles on our bikes are way higher than the miles on the scooter. Thank heavens for a big garage!