Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fog and More Fog

The fog was pretty dense before dawn. We waited an hour for it to lift, but it stubbornly held fast. Where was wind when you needed it?

We finally decided to start our ride around 8 a.m., feeling pretty sure the fog would thin by the time we finished our 1 mile warm-up. No luck. We threaded a route through residential streets, heading toward one of our favorite routes to the south of home. The air was in the 60s. The fog condensed on us and our bikes, leaving our glasses hazed and water dripping from our helmets. I kept my head tilted down. I would give my head a sideways shake every minute or so to keep the dripping water off my glasses. Mostly.

By the time we got home the fog was gone, replaced by low hanging clouds. A neighbor smiled and waved. "It's too chilly to be riding today," she said.

Florida. November. Temperature in the mid 60s. And it's "too chilly"?

I love this place!