Thursday, November 1, 2012

Democrats are better lovers. (Who ever heard of a good piece of elephant?)

A friend from way, way back and I were swapping favorite jokes from past political campaigns. She brought up the "make better lovers" riff that was our mutual favorite in our college years. Later in our chat, she solved this week's bike clothing conundrum: what to wear for "cold weather" rides in Florida.

The rest of the country thinks our winter weather is balmy. Florida cyclists are acclimated to hot and humid. Many, like me, are total wimps about being cold. (Snowbirds aren't real Floridians in these matters.) I wear cycling knickers and cycling sandals year round. In "cold" weather, meaning 55-65 degrees, the gap between the bottom of the knickers and my socks gets cold. The stuff sold for non-Florida cold weather is just too warm and bulky. My old friend had the perfect suggestion: knee socks. So I hit Target, picked up some basic knee socks that were the same turquoise/white color combination as my long sleeve cycling jersey, and tried them out this week when temperatures dipped sharply. They worked like a charm. Problem solved.